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What I Learned my Freshman Year

Yikes, I've been in college for a year already?!? Half of me feels like I’ve been a Biola student forever, and the other half feels like I just started college yesterday! It’s been a beautiful year filled with wonderful memories and sweet new friends.     Here are a few bits and bobs I've learned this year. I hope you can relate to …

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Today is Valentine’s Day. It’s also Ash Wednesday. I’m not an expert on the liturgical calendar, but last semester l learned enough to realize its importance & beauty. So early this morning l …

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Mexico…part 1

Goodness gracious; it's 2018! This New Year I hopped into a huge van with 9 of my friends from Biola, and we went to Ensenada, Mexico to build a home for the sweet Martinez fam! WHAT A WEEK. I …

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